Built Up Roofing Repairs

Built Up Roofing

Choose Built Up Roofing To Protect Your Roof.

Our building’s roofing systems are extremely critical functions to the framework, so it’s imperative that the roofing system needs to be long-lasting, affordable, and offer a ton of protection to the building. A roofing system that has fantastic reputations in the roofing industry is the built up roofing system, or asphalt and gravel roofing. Since the 1870’s, built up roofs have been delivering office structures such as schools, medical, and different industrial structures with reliable security that can continue. Securing your roof can be difficult if it isn’t properly installed, but the roofing contractors at Stiles Contracting in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY possess the knowledge, equipment, and qualifications to assemble a built up roofing system that can safeguard your building from fire, severe weather, and additional damages that are able to adversely impact your roof. When you own a restaurant, hospital, or other building that requires updates, imagine built up roofing installation in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY; just call our professional roofing contractors today at (502) 410-1160 for incredible built up roofing services.

Long-Lasting Protection Roofing Installation

Because built up roofing systems have stayed around for about 140 years, they possess the credibility and popularity of being sturdy roofs that distribute long-lasting safety to schools, hospitals, and other office buildings. What makes built up roofing systems such a reliable roofing system is their ability to tolerate severe weather, scratches, and even flames and powerful winds. The lasting performance of the built up roof has a lot to do with how it is installed. It combines layers of felt to the surface of the roofing system that are then bonded with asphalt, then coated with gravel for extra security.

Since the built up roofing system is developed with such strong and durable materials, it makes it harder for weather, outdoor components, and also fire to harm the roofing system, making this a desirable option for business, industrial, and different structures that are wanting long-lasting roofing. When built up roof assembling is handled properly, you are able to profit from extended security, and the roofing contractors at Stiles Contracting can distribute amazing installations that will have your roofing system sustaining for twenty years or way longer.

Contact for Amazing Built Up Roof Installation

Our roofing contractors are available to offer customers in the New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY area with an enhancement of their roofing systems with a superior roof installation. When you are looking for a roofing contractor who has years of experience installing and sustaining built up roofs on restaurants, medical, and a variety of other business structures, our roofing contractors can incorporate a better built up roofing system that is efficient, sturdy, and high-quality. Since we only employ licensed roofing contractors and use high-tech tools and materials, our roofers are able to install a high-quality built up roof on your building. We provide built up roofing services which include installations and maintenance that will give your structure the long-lasting security that it should have. Give us a call today at (502) 410-1160 when you need built up roof installation in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY; our roofing contractors are ready to schedule an appointment to improve your roof today.