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When accepting a government contracting job, roofing takes on a whole new set of requirements. The full project from beginning to end for a government roofing contract is not only time consuming as well as detail specific, but it additionally offers very little room for any mistakes. We’re professionals with plenty of years of expertise, and we understand exactly how to handle government contract projects of any kind. If you’re looking for a dependable government roofing contractor in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY, our team of professionals is prepared and at your service! Call (502) 410-1160 to reach our roofing specialists now about the services we offer!

Fulfilling Government Roof Contracts

Government Roofing Contractor

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Our crew is aware of the many varied requirements and components to take care of before accepting a government contract. Among our experts, we keep a crew of estimators that collaborate hand in hand with vendors to guarantee a fair and accurate quote. An additionally vital component is a tightly adhered to schedule, with reasonable completion estimates. To work towards the safety of everyone on the project, we strictly observe all OSHA regulations at all times. We work diligently to consistently stay within or even above compliance regulations. Quality control is an additional component that holds a vital importance, and we’re committed to ensuring each aspect of a project passes inspection prior to completion. We have plenty of expertise, and we are glad to be the government roofing contractor you can count on.

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We can immediately help your office with federal as well as local government projects alike. While federal roofing contracts can bring additional challenges, our crew of experts is extremely qualified. You can reach our experts at (502) 410-1160 today if you’d like us to submit a bid for your government roofing contract. At Stiles Contracting, we strive to be the government roofing contractor in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY and the surrounding communities, that you can depend on! We set ourselves apart by being consistent and reliable for you so that you can have peace of mind that when you need to find a top quality government roofing contractor, that you never hesitate to dial our number.