Residential Metal Roofing

Are you in the market for a new residential roof system? Thanks to a variety of benefits, particularly longevity, metal roof systems are no longer exclusively used on commercial buildings and are becoming a popular choice for roofing a residential house. Despite the expensive initial installation price, a metal roof provides substantial savings and perks to your house through its lifespan. If you are interested in a residential metal roof installation in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY, give us a ring now at (502) 410-1160! At Stiles Contracting, we have been offering expert roof services to our community for a long time, and we have the experience and expertise you want for your next roof project!

Residential Metal Roof Installation Perks

Metal Roof Installation

Metal Roofs Look Great and Have Great Protection.

Though increased curb appeal is what catches many homeowners attention, the biggest selling point is actually the extreme durability this roof system can offer. Many homeowners are initially concerned that a metal roofing system will be particularly loud during the rain, but this is a fairly common misconception, as correct insulation makes sure your metal roof will be just as quiet as a shingle roof. Thanks to the impressive strength of a correctly installed metal roof, you can expect it to work up to 3 times as long as a typical asphalt shingle roof system. This roofing system is so resilient, it can defend your house from wind and hail storms, as well as fire! And if you believed that metal roof systems couldn't possibly have any more perks, think again, because these roof systems even reduce waste, and improve the energy efficiency of your house!

High-Quality Residential Metal Roof Systems

As for style, you have a wide variety of choices in metal roofing, from classic metal sheet to a particularly subtle and traditional look. To make things even better, a metal roof system is a fantastic choice for lowering your energy costs and defending the environment. For dependable and expert metal roof installation in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY, clear out your agenda for an inspection date, and give us a call at (502) 410-1160 to get started! Our roofers are not only insured but also properly licensed to ensure your house has qualified and capable hands working on it. If you require a roofer you can count on for cost-effective and expert metal roof services, don’t forget to contact Stiles Contracting!