Professional Stone Coated Steel Roof Installation

Stone Coated

Add Something Extra To Your Home While Also Keeping It Protected.

The overall look of a metal roof is typically the leading concern for our clients who are business owners and homeowners. Maybe you’re someone who wants to stay along the conventional route or maybe you’re one that prefers to the more contemporary look that comes along with metal roofing. Fortuitously, there is a material available that provides you the best of both worlds: stone coated steel. Want to learn more about stone coated steel roofing in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY? Make sure that you call us at (502) 410-1160. With our numerous years of experience in the roofing business, Stiles Contracting is the organization you can rely on for all the answers you are looking for.

Why Opt For A Stone Coated Steel Roof?

If you have been thinking about metal roofing for your home, you’ve more than likely heard about all of the perks that come along with it. With metal roofing, you can expect extensive life expectancy, wind resistance, and an array of styles and colors to fit your needs. Not only that, stone coated steel also has the ability to mock the look of more conventional materials, such as tiles or shingles. By placing stone chips on the surface of the metal roofing material, we have the ability to make lightweight panels that can be styled to match nearly any traditional roofing style. This is a great way to get the style you want at the price point and protection you have been looking for.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing Professionals

Now, it should not come as a shock that a prime roofing material such as this comes with a considerable price tag, initially. But over the years, the stone coated steel roof, eventually, makes up for those costs. These roofs require less maintenance and are less apt to damage, which saves you on repair costs. You can also rely on stone coated steel to preserve money on your heating and cooling bills! To get more information about our metal roofing installations and services, or if you’re looking for a quote for stone coated steel roofing in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY, speak with us today at (502) 410-1160. Stiles Contracting are the roofing specialists you can depend on, and our team is always here for you.