Popular Metal Roofing Myths

metal roof

Metal Roofing Is A Very Durable, Great Looking Roof Material.

Looking for a new roofing system for your home or business? Metal roofing is a fantastic choice for those looking for quality protection and a plethora of style options. Many people who are considering metal roofing may find different information online, making it confusing and difficult to determine if metal roofing is best for you. How can you figure out what information is true from what is just a myth?  We are here to help you separate fact from fiction and have compiled the top myths about metal roofing you may see on the internet.

Myths and Facts

A Metal Roof Will Attract Lighting – Many people think that metal is more likely to get struck by lighting. While metal is a conductor, it is equally as likely as any other roof. In fact, having a metal roof is safer during storms as it can safely handle and disperse the energy from a lightning strike and won’t catch fire.

It Makes Rainfall Loud During Storms – You may be surprised to learn that actually, metal roofing systems can be extremely quiet. These systems are installed over quality insulation, which will dampen not only the sound but also help your home retain its hot or cold air.

Metal Roofing Is More Easily Damaged – Metal roofing is designed to withstand all sorts of damage, from hail to debris strikes and more. These systems are designed with your protection in mind and will last for many years with little maintenance required. This means you don’t have to worry about storms or water damaging and rusting your roof!

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