Office Building Maintenance – Repairing Your Commercial Roof

Flat Commercial Roof

Flat Commercial Roofs Require Special Care, as They Have to Overcome Ponding Water and Other Hazards.

Is your company office speeding toward building maintenance season? When you’re making appointments for HVAC repairs, cleaning services, and commercial plumbing maintenance in Indiana, make sure to schedule a checkup for your rooftop too! Without regular maintenance and repairs, your roofing system can suffer from a number of costly problems.

How Long Should a Commercial Roof Last?

Most Indiana single ply roofing systems should last around twenty years, while more resilient metal roofs can last beyond fifty. Now, these numbers assume a fairly consistent degree of maintenance and repairs. Any business that neglects basic maintenance standards should see a dramatic reduction in functionality and lifespan.

What Problems Could Prevent a Full Lifespan?

Time takes it’s toll on everything, even the most durable commercial roof. Severe storms and gradual wear create a number of potential problems for your roofing system, such as…

  • Hail Gashes
  • Wind-Torn Shingles
  • Degraded Flashing
  • Worn Seams
  • Corroded Materials

Many of these problems can easily be overcome with some simple repairs and seasonal maintenance. Even minor holes and tears can be mended with a restorative coating. With timely repairs, you’ll not only extend the life of one of your most important building assets (delaying roof replacement), your business will also create better protection and enhance functionality.

Get an Estimate for Your Commercial Roof Repairs!

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