Synthetic Shingles Repair & Installation

In the contemporary world, no one in the market for a roof should ever bemoan a lack of alternatives. At Stiles Contracting, we promote directness in our enterprise and work to keep clients know about the preferred options for their residences. The appearance of synthetic shingles has broadly impacted the roofing business. If you want a roof with luxury charm at a reasonable price, then synthetic shingles can do well.

For any roofing needs you find in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY, trust the local leaders at Stiles Contracting. Our deep knowledge in roofing allows us to give clients a perfect installation of synthetic shingles. For a more durable, enduring roof, you must have qualified installation service. Our team allows for meaningful ease of mind for the property owner, as we create every roof to the height of excellence. If you have settled on your subsequent roofing material and are looking for quality roofing, contact our team at (502) 410-1160.

The Advantages of Synthetic

Repair & Installation

Synthetic Roofing Is a Great Choice For Your Roof.

These shingles typically emulate the appearance of either ceramic, slate, or wood shingles. Certain expensive roof materials can actually match up poorly to synthetic shingles when one considers expense and durability. Synthetic shingles also supply a lot of fortitude when confronted with the harmful weather, another benefit that will preserve residence owners from unnecessary repair costs. If you stay undecided about whether to pick synthetic shingles for a residence, consider the abundance of advantages.

Style and Appearance: Once placed on a roof, you can detect almost no distinctness between synthetic shingles and their analog in slate or ceramic. Standard squared-cut, chiseled-tip, or rounded shingle options unite with a large abundance of colors to leave synthetic shingles truly customizable.

Lightweight: They are surprisingly lightweight, a considerable boon over heavier shingles like slate or tile. As a matter of fact, tile and slate shingles create the need for special reinforcement for selected roofs, while other homes simply can’t use them. The lightweight characteristic of synthetic shingles leaves this wholly unnecessary. Roofing technicians can furthermore enact a quick installation with lightweight shingles.

Durability: These shingles offer practically matchless durability. These shingles will remain effective for decades, due to their construction from slate and steel, along with rubber. Residence owners can save an impressive amount of resources on service costs with these shingles that stay good-looking year after year.

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