Roof Flashing Installation

At Stiles Contracting, we deliver total roof flashing repair and replacement service. The valleys and seams of your home's roof are uncovered, and susceptible to damages, so flashing is in place to fortify those parts. Your home's gutters are an essential component of your roof's drainage setup, but your flashing fulfills an important role in directing the water to your gutters. Don't allow your home's flashing to deteriorate any further, contact our qualified experts for swift service!

When flashing becomes deteriorated, your roofing has weakened areas susceptible to rainfall. Since roofing leaks impact everything from the insulation, walls, ceiling, and roof, they must get addressed fast. Flashing additionally lures water as a component of your roofing’s drainage structure. Since compromised flashing lures rainfall and then leaks it into your home, it becomes more critical to service. Call our team now at (502) 410-1160 for any queries or concerns about roof flashing in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY. Stiles Contracting stands as the nearby master for all roofing flashing troubles.

Signals You Require Flashing Repair

Roof Flashing

Keep Your Home Protected From Leaks.

If you detect any of these indicators, do not wait to contact us and schedule flashing repair. As deteriorated flashing renders your roofing system exposed, it can formulate a requirement for much more pricey fixes or installation services over the years.

Age: Aged residences commonly used roofer cement or tar that serves as flashing. Over the years, these substances will weaken and force the homeowner to enact maintenance. Schedule an inspection to reveal whether your flashing has aged beyond the point of usefulness. We use new, first-rate metal when we complete service to a residence’s flashing defense.

Rust or Corrosion: Even metal flashing should eventually require restoration. Flashing that has begun to rust absolutely necessitates replacement. If flashing starts to rust, it means that it has become susceptible to rain. Flashing left to rust will soon corrode to the point where it does nothing at all.

Roof Leaks: Leakage in your house can quickly take place from damaged or wrongly installed flashing. As part of the roofing system’s drain system, specific areas of flashing become more susceptible to rain. Pieces of flashing that have started to leak should become repaired as soon as possible, as flashing’s the only role is to defend your roof from damage.

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Do not hesitate to phone our team at (502) 410-1160 for any issues with roof flashing in New Albany, IN & Louisville, KY. A complete check-up from us will reveal the parts of your flashing necessitate fixes and installation. Across the nearby area, Stiles Contracting acts as the leading expert for roof flashing.